Friday, January 23, 2009


Save Money On Your Cable Bill. How about ditching it altogether! If you don’t want to cancel it you can reduce the service to Basic Cable and still save a bundle.

To cancel cable and still watch regular TV programming, you will need Internet service and a Laptop. You can hook your laptop up to your Flat Screen High Definition TV and enjoy watching free Internet TV shows. To see information about how to do this visit this site: .

Navigate to or to watch current TV Programming. Shows like The Office, Bones, Family Guy, Burn Notice, and more can be seen at these sites for free. Older episodes from previous seasons are also available here.

Movies can be seen at the same sites as well as clips and trailers for free. Movies such as The Fifth Element, Jumanji, and Men In Black are available. Other newer movies can be found at various web sites. Just Google “free movies” to locate the sites (one site is ).

Just think - sitting on your own comfortable couch or recliner with the family and saving on ticket fees, inflated popcorn and soda prices, and gas for the car! There is no waiting in line – and if you want to have a beer – go ahead, the usher won’t kick you out!

Movie costs for a family of four can easily top out at 50 or 60 dollars per movie.

So, lets say you watch five movies over the course of the year at $60 each (by the time you add tickets, popcorn, soda, and candy, it may be more). Five movies at $60 is $300. Now figure your cable savings – say you save $40 per month and still get basic cable. That’s $40 for twelve months, or $480. Combine the two and you have just saved $780 for the year! That is $65 per month average.

This money could be used to pay another bill or to help pay for a family vacation. Better yet, put it into an interest bearing savings account (or money market fund) for school or retirement.