Monday, January 20, 2014

Money Table

Shopping for a table can be enlightening.

You learn about all the different table styles and shapes.  There are different types of wood that can be stained a variety of colors.  The tops can be made of glass, wood, metal, concrete, and stone.

You can have the table made with your choice of base (and color) to match your decor, and combine that with any top.

You also discover the price for this "custom" (or not custom) table.  In my case, that price was $1600.  That did not include the four chairs that also needed to be bought.

After seeing the table I wanted (and when I say "I", I mean my better half...what do I know about decorating a house)...a counter height, round, granite topped wonder...I walked out of the store.

I explained to my wife that I could put a granite-topped table together for way less money.  And so began the table project.

The first step was to buy an existing table as the base for the granite top.  Target had just the table.  It was a counter height drop-leaf 39 inch wide round table for about a hundred dollars that had to be assembled...the bonus came with two chairs!

Meanwhile, I was looking around for granite (the second step)...I needed a 42" round slab that I could install myself.  The first three quotes yielded prices around $800 (which I thought were too much).  I talked to some friends about granite suppliers they used or knew of and found a supplier that would cut the top needed from "remnant" granite left over from other jobs.

I talked to my resident decor expert to find what colors would be good for the top and went to visit the Granite Guy.  He gave me a couple of chip samples to show my wife, and told me the top would be $400...Perfect !  <$500 total, so far>

The Granite Guy made the top and I picked it up in my pick-up truck.  A friend helped me lift it out of the truck and carry it into my house.  A tube of clear silicone was applied to the table to glue the granite down.  Clamps were used to keep it from sliding off center before the silicone dried.

The next day the clamps were taken off and a bead of clear silicone was run around the perimeter of the table on the underside, where the granite and wood table tops met.  The granite top was cut three inches larger than the wood top (a 1 1/2 inch overhang around the table) so you would only see the granite edge.

We really wanted four counter height leather chairs for the table (and I wasn't about to try and build them), so back to the furniture store we went.  Four hundred dollars later we had awesome chairs to go with our awesome (and inexpensively built table).  We also had two extra wood counter height chairs that came with the table for when guests come over.

Five hundred dollars were spent on the table in total, not counting my sweat

42 inch granite table
42" Round Counter Height Granite Table
with 4 Leather Chairs
equity.  Add to that $400 for leather chairs you get a total cost of nine hundred dollars for a table & chair set that would have cost over two thousand with tax and delivery.  Thats $1100 savings...